An enthusiast and devoted Team serving the most demanding clients.

More than thirty years serving the European and Worldwide Aircraft industry and actors enables EUREP Industries to be classified among the leaders of the aeronautical distribution and Supply-Chain for the supply of fixations, components and equipment to the aircraft manufacturers and the aeronautical equipment manufacturers.

  • A complete management of stocks and of the Supply-Chain,

  • An after-sales department and « Just in Time, Kanban, Bin to Bin » services,

  • Services and a department in charge of after-sales and repair of equipments ,

  • A Logistic department responding to the most complex customers requirements.

Our industrial expertise combined with our will to meet the internality standards quality requirements enables us to play a key-role on the most ambitious programs of construction or maintenance.

Our company also allows a reactivity and a flexibility  to the benefit of the satisfaction of our customers.

Our logistics center


 Provide comprehensive customer service 

EUREP Industries develops high value-added services to reduce your costs, to improve the quality of your operations, to accelerate your deliveries and to regulate your supplies, to solve your technical and logistic problems: our goal is to improve your competitiveness.

Our logistic presence in whole Europe, in the USA for North and South  America and in China for all Asia enables us to assure you multi-deliveries sites and to comply with your  requirements  notably in terms of  delivery deadlines. Our presence, on the field, also enables us to provide you with the best and necessary solutions and advices regarding tooling, fixations and components the best adapted to any and all of your various projects.

EUREP Industries proposes you a complete service, including all the operations of customs and logistics in order to bring you a solution at the best price.


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